6 Apr 2015

Behavior Modification

Submitted by theshovel

What better testimony to true life could there be than to discover the so-obvious limitation of a system that only stresses good behavior? I find great encouragement knowing that the religious system of man is doing such a spectacular job of revealing its bottom-line strategy: behavior modification.

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I love this! It was something I really benefited from hearing today!


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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Thanks, my dear Mary! heart


Ahuh, yep...excellent guys.


if christianity were a matter of getting ourselves under control to be right with GOD, there would be no more hope for us than there is for those without Him.  it is merely another gospel which we know is NOT the gospel of Christ at all.

as we ponder, dwell, reflect, and meditate on what He has made us in Him, we can often find all that 'stuff' that the world struggles to get under control, kind of dissipates in the distance as far as being a constant, heavy LOAD of baggage we think that we must carry around all the time in our hearts and minds.

i don't say that to be a 'formula' or an easy quick 'fix' or 'control' or anything like that.  just a moment to moment kind of thing really … as far as our 'attention' goes.  don't really know how to explain that any better at the moment.  blush  but i hope i am not taking away from what you were saying.  these were just the 'trigger' thoughts produced in my mind at this time.

anyway … lots of truly wonderful 'digs' here on the shovel mr.shovel-dude-man! 


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You are not taking anything away from what I was saying. These thoughts are excellent. :)

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