12 Mar 2015

An Example of Christ

Submitted by theshovel

You ARE an example of Christ, not because of obligation, but because of the life of Christ within you. Consider how often when asking about your Christian obligation that you end up describing the indwelling life of Christ more as a program and less as life. Let the sense of life that is in you simply be what it is without feeling the need to attach a feeling of obligation. If you are trying to make good life choices because by doing so you think it might make you a good representative to the spiritually blind, your choices might end up having more to do with what you think others think you ought to be doing. A lot of our truly good life choices will be judged by the spiritually blind as counterproductive foolishness … and yet that foolishness may be what ends up ministering life. The love that is within you is indeed what causes your desire to love others in a charitable, motherly way. Don’t let it get sidetracked by any sense that you might not be displaying the life of Christ Jesus.



I know a lot people read your blog, Jim, but this one especially touches me in a warm-hearted way. heart


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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