1 Jan 2000

Waiting on the Lord

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I lifted this from a Q&A so that I could add it to the New Testament Bible section.

Waiting on the Lord is not connected with decision-making as much as it is connected with US!! Our very beings HOPE in HIM. Why? Because His Spirit has been put within our hearts.

For we through the Spirit, by faith, ARE WAITING for the hope of righteousness. Galatians 5:5

What is the hope of righteousness? Simply stated, it is CHRIST. In rubber-meets-the-road terms, it is the working of the Spirit of God within us in producing God’s fruit through us. The illustration that Paul used to express this was Abraham and Sarah and the two different kind of children they bore: Ishmael (of the flesh), and Isaac (of the Spirit). Ishmael was born because Abraham and Sarah wanted to help God fulfill the promise, not because they were trying to be disobedient.

It is the picture of how the flesh thinks it can perform godliness. It is the religious mentality that causes us to keep trying to perform for God, or to keep trying to make our lives count for Christ. It sounds wonderful, but it is of the flesh, it is fleshly wisdom.

The fact was that they had waited for God to fulfill His promise for many years, but when it seemed there would be no way for the promise to happen by waiting any longer they probably discussed how they had been expecting God to do this thing ALL BY HIMSELF, when He probably expected THEM to play THEIR part.

Well, they made plans to go ahead with the most obvious — as well as culturally legitimate — course, which was for Abraham to take Hagar and produce the promise. They got a son born of the flesh and NOT the heir promised by God … but this was all in GOD’s plans!!

Now, realize that BOTH sons were born by Abraham having sexual intercourse with a physical woman, and then consider that only Ishmael was said to be born “after the flesh”. Hmmm!! You see, it was the decision-making wisdom of Abraham and Sarah that produced a child after the flesh! And you can be pretty sure they prayed about it and were seeking God’s WILL!

Waiting on the Lord is so simple and so basic, but the simple understanding has been trashed by the piling high of religious BS upon the words of life. But God will NOT be hidden by the religious mind of man, for Christ has revealed the Father to us!! All these games only serve to make the miraculous more and more obvious by forcing the fleshly wisdom to expose its own futility. People are abandoning this empty and lifeless religious mentality in droves because of the increasingly obvious insanity preached under the name of God!!

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