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February 06, 2016

If God was really in us, we might discover some amazing things such as: how much like Jesus we are, that false doctrine is anything that teaches us to assume He is is not in us, that most of our confusion is the result of holding on to thoughts that deny His really being in us, that our attempts at humility are built upon a rejection of Him being in us, and that our attempts to dedicate or rededicate ourselves to God are an outright rejection of Him having dedicated us to Himself once for all time.

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February 03, 2016

If it was really finished …
We might stop begging God to forgive us
We might stop thinking God doesn't love us
We might stop thinking God doesn't care
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February 01, 2016

Do we not understand that whether we fail to meet expectations, meet expectations or even exceed expectations that we are living in view of expectations? Isn't it clear that living according to duty in any way, shape or form is simply living according to law? ... Read more

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