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Blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ

I took this piece from an older article I wrote on Ephesians 1.

Blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm … already. He had determined this before we did one thing or had considered one thought. He set this in motion before the “katabole” —usually translated foundation, although the meaning, casting down, may very well relate to the entrance of death through sin. Either way, God put this into play before sin brought death to mankind. He not only already knew, but also had planned for death to be swallowed up in victory through the life of his son, Jesus Christ. His blessing is not a reward but is totally of his grace. To consider it any other way would make grace something other than grace. That he has chosen us to be holy and blameless before him testifies to the working of his spirit within us. The promise made later to man had been in his heart before this world fell apart. He didn’t choose us for this so that we might TRY to be holy and blameless, but that we would be. His love set the course by which our adoption as sons through Christ Jesus would be made real. Keep in mind that God’s determination for us has everything to do with all things being summed up in Christ. Feel yourself being carried along in the unstoppable determination of his grace and purpose in Christ. For Christ was not an afterthought, he is the key, the centerpiece, the one upon which all of human history finds meaning and purpose. For this is God’s will, and it all leads to the glory of his grace. If it testifies to his grace then it cannot be based upon anything other than his grace. If it is to the praise of HIS grace, grace that has been freely bestowed upon us, then it was bestowed in the full knowledge that we were not deserving of it. Each one of us will have our own story of how that grace rescued us from all our futile efforts to either hinder it or even attempt to help it. What we have gone through in this world has given us the song to sing to the grace that has saved us, and continues to deliver us from the futility of the fleshly mind that he has put to death.

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